When you expect more...you get more! It's hard to describe that feeling just before you pull the ripcord. It's equal parts fear and exhilaration. "What if the parachute doesn't open?" That's what Sandi Wagner thought to herself the first time she went skydiving. As you might have guessed, it certainly did open. It opened her eyes to the fact that sometimes you have to take chances if you want to get the most out of life. Those who know Sandi will tell you she definitely has that thrillseeker side to her personality, but also has her feet firmly planted on the ground. Her hobbies range from rollerblading to biking, (she participated in RAGBRAI in 2009), kayaking, parasailing and working out several times a week. She's the type of person who expects more from herself and isn't afraid to go out and make things happen. "This is a world full of opportunities," Sandi says. "And when you give100% of yourself into everything you do, anything is possible." Sandi was born in England, but raised in Pennsylvania. She has lived in Jacksonville since 1986 and feels a strong connection to the diverse and active lifestyle here. She has been a leading professional in the real estate industry for over three decades, both as a successful agent and presently as a Managing Broker. "Helping others climb their personal ladders to accomplish their goals is a very rewarding experience for me". Sandi's experience as a real estate professional in Pennsylvania and Florida provided many personal rewards. She loved the opportunity to help her customers achieve their dreams, which continues to be a motivating factor in the way she approaches her role as coach and manager at Watson Realty Corp. She knows that providing her associates with the support, guidance and resources they need to perform at their highest level ultimately leads to the best possible service for the customer. Sandi doesn't sugar coat it. She expects more from her team, just as they can expect more from her as their manager. Sandi knows firsthand the more effort you put into your career, the more you get out of it. But that doesn't necessarily mean working harder. To be truly successful in this industry, you need to work smarter, which is what The Watson Way is all about. They back you with the technology, training and support you need to perform at a consistently high level and Sandi provides valuable guidance and coaching to help you maximize your earning potential. "Everyone has their own unique skills and strengths," she says. "My goal is to help you use those attributes to your full advantage, so that the time and money you invest in your business creates the best possible returns." So, what is it that drives you as a real estate professional? Is it providing a better life for you and your family? Is it making a lasting impact in your community? Is it simply being the best you can be? Whatever your personal or professional goals, Sandi is driven to help you get more out of life. Expect more and get more with a proven leader who knows what it takes to take your real estate career to the next level of success. "I've always believed when you focus on your goals and give it your all, the sky's the limit. When you expect more, you get more." Whether she's making the most of life in the Jacksonville area or helping her agents make the most of their careers, Sandi's energetic approach and driven spirit show through in everything she does.Thinking of a career change OR making a move from your present company... Call her today!
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13001 Atlantic Blvd.
Jacksonville, FL 32225

Since 1975, Watson’s Intracoastal office has helped first-time and experienced homebuyers alike achieve their real estate goals. We proudly work with residential and commercial customers throughout Duval, St. Johns, and Nassau Counties. Our team of more than 30 associates features divisions dedicated to luxury customers seeking high-end properties and commercial leasing and sales.

In addition to listing and selling homes, we take great pride in helping customers work through the often  exhausting process of relocation. We’ve worked with families relocating for their jobs, transferring through the Military on the Move program, and, thanks to our affiliation with LeadingRE, even customers who have moved to other countries throughout the world. Our team has been consistently recognized as one of Watson’s leaders in relocation services year after year, as well as a top producing sales office.  


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Sandi is an amazing Broker and Coach! She has been a strong support to me since I started in Real Estate; offering extensive experience and knowledge. She keeps her agents up to date with the latest industry and market trends along with the Real Estate laws. Her ability to guide and motivate agents nationwide was a huge selling point when I was looking to place my license. I couldn't have done what I have accomplished without her as my coach.

Tom Moore

I was able to get my license quickly by following Sandi’s advice. She gave me a series of steps to take and pointed me to Watson’s Real Estate School. She shared study information and goals with me, and I’m pleased to have easily passed both my EOC and state exam.

Cyndy Tomassetti

Sandi unselfishly took time out of her day to give me invaluable career advice. Friendly and very knowledgeable.

Cynthia Celmer Tomassetti

Sandi, I appreciate you leading the way for agents in Florida. The support you give each individual has made you a Five Star Leader. Thanks for being you, PL

Phil Lamb

Sandi Wagner is a very dynamic leader with over 40 years in real estate. She is a great motivator and innovator that is very passionate about helping her sales associates meet and exceed their goals. Her vast knowledge and her out of the box thinking allow her to articulate her positive message. She has been unselfish with her advice to me personally and I can attribute some of my success directly to her coaching. She is an awesome teacher, coach, mentor and team player. I am proud to be associated with her as a colleague and consider her my friend. Thank you Sandi for all that you do!

Craig McCall

You should know that your great gift is to inspire...to instill in the other the belief that all is possible....and to gain the trust from the other...because it is felt that you have been there, done that and you point the way to the light at the end of the tunnel...all the while, reveling in beauty of the light...joyous in the excitement of the journey and fully accepting the other. Just the way they are...while honing their gifts. Like watching someone open a present...(and the present is that person). A rare gift. You always behold the other person. And we all go away being better than when we arrived! miko


"Grace and peace to you, I was always taught that in one's lifetime, a few people will make an everlasting impact. For me, Sandi Wagner is one of them! Fifteen years ago, I took the leap of faith to move my family to Jacksonville, Florida to get in real estate. I was very blessed and fortunate to pick Sandi Wagner to be my first real estate broker! I think in real estate, so many careers fail due to the lack of leadership and direction. Sandi Wagner gives you that plus more! For me, she pushed my beliefs that I CAN. I remember feeling that with her, if I made effort to succeed, she had my back. Sandi has passion and energy as a real estate broker. I am forever grateful to her as the seeds she instill over fifteen years ago, are still reaping fruits today in my life! In fact, I am hoping my son gets in real estate soon, we will have something in common when he does......Sandi Wagner will be his first real estate broker also!"

It's been almost a year since we moved from Jacksonville and I haven't brought myself to say how much I miss the Watson Intracoastal office and Sandi. As a new agent 3 years ago, I went into this business with all the expectations of grandeur and ease. Sandi quickly shut that down! She didn't give up on me, though. Through her expertise and encouragement, I was able to generate multiple listings in my first few months and built confidence in a profession that sees so many fail quickly. Thank you, Sandi. Thank you, Watson Intracoastal office! Tuesday mornings, 9 o'clock, will always be special!

Sue Ann Decker

"The best TEACHERS are those who show you where to LOOK but don't tell you what to SEE" I would like to greet you a wonderful and blessed Labor Day weekend Sandi! I'm thankful because, despite your busy schedule, you always appreciate every effort I gave to you and you are always there when I need something. You are such an example of a great leader!  Melody

Melody Geron

"The best TEACHERS are those who show you where to LOOK but don't tell you what to SEE" I would like to greet you a wonderful and blessed Labor Day weekend Sandi! I'm thankful because, despite your busy schedule, you always appreciate every effort I gave to you and you are always there when I need something. You are such an example of a great leader!  Melody

Melody Geron

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